Pescatarian Hamper E


Each hamper is designed to be a weekly basket of goods, providing the focal point for multiple meals.

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, Closed Sunday and Monday.
Cape Town Deliveries | Two working days from date of order between 12h00 and 17h00. (R100-R250 Shipping)
JHB Deliveries | Orders close Mondays | Deliveries Thursday of that week. (R750)

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Your Pescatarian Hamper E will contain the following : 

1. Juniper and citrus cured salmon gravadlax (150 gr)

Lemon, lime, orange, and juniper. A little sugar and rock salt. Fresh dill to finish.

You can serve this either sliced raw with the cucumber and dill compote, and horseradish crème fraiche.

2. Scallop and yuzu salad (250 gr)

Imported scallops which we first lightly blanch then cool. We make a yuzu mayo (Japanese citrus) which we dress over the scallops and finished with Tobiko (Japanese flying fish roe). 

Serve this with sliced avocado and crusty bread.

3. Luke’s prawn cocktail (250 gr)

Vannamei prawns cleaned and blanched, dressed with my own “Marie Rose” sauce, finished with a touch of brandy, a little tabasco, Worcester sauce and sriracha.

4. Smoked trout pate with dill and apple (200 gr)

First we combine dill and apple to make a nice smooth consistency to which we had the flaked hot smoked trout and mix it through.

5. Seared tuna, tapenade, tarragon mayo (200 gr)

Beautiful pepper crusted tuna loin which is lightly grilled on the outside but perfectly pink in the centre. We slice the tuna into medallions. To this we add our house made tapenade and a couple of dollops of tarragon mayo.

8. Locally sourced line fish fillet (4 x 150 gr)

Freshly caught and delivered to us on the day. Our fish is sourced from sustainable small scale, local fisherman. To cook, we recommend pan-frying, skin side down. Don’t cook the fish all the way through to keep it nice and moist.

11. Curried Jerusalem artichoke velouté (200 gr)

We caramelize Jerusalem artichokes in a pan, deglazed with white wine and combined with a mild curry velouté. This should be warmed up in a saucepan before eating and should be served with the locally sourced line fish.

12. Salt baked celeriac and truffle salad (250 gr)

Beautiful winter celeriac! We make a kind of paste with whipped egg whites and salt. We then bake them in their crust for 3-4 hours, Peel them and dice. We make a truffle mayo and add some crème Fraiche. Some grated truffle. 

Serve this with the country pate or have alone with crusty bread.

13. Assorted cheeses (goat/blue/camembert/sheep)

Pepe my friend from Kommetjie is a 3rd generation goat cheese maker. His goat cheese is just phenomenal and his passion for this is incredible.

15. Luke’s chocolate fondant (4 each)

70% cocoa chocolate, eggs, butter sugar. The beauty of the recipe is in its simplicity! Bake at 180C for 10 – 15 minutes. The top should have a thin crust on it and no longer be shiny before serving. Serve in the vessel with the vanilla Mascarpone or ice cream.

16. Spanish style burnt orange (200gr)

Dark caramel, exotic spices, Grand Marnier, caramelized slowly and preserved in a pot for you to serve with your pistachio cake and vanilla mascarpone.