Gourmet Hamper A


Each hamper is designed to be a weekly basket of goods, providing the focal point for multiple meals.

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays, Closed Sunday and Monday.
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Your Gourmet Hamper A will contain the following : 

1. Slow smoked Norwegian salmon fillet (200 gr)

We take fresh salmon fillets and we cure them in a citrus cure for 24 hours. We then slow smoke them for 12 hours in our home-made smoker. 

You can serve this either sliced raw with the cucumber and dill compote, potted beetroot and horseradish crème Fraiche or you could warm in in a little cream and serve over steamed asparagus as a warm starter.

2. Duck and pork belly country pate (200 gr)

I have been preparing this classic recipe for a number of years. When I worked in Korea, we used to have a French Bistro in the hotel I worked and I served it there. I also had it on the winter specials when I was at La Colombe. 

Serve this with the delicious country bread we have included in the hamper and offset the savoury French notes of the pate with our homemade apple chutney and perhaps a mixed leaf salad with a mustardy dressing. YUM! 

3. Beef Bourguignonne (450 gr)

We marinade the grass-fed beef shin overnight in red wine and aromatics. We then make a rich stew of root vegetables, garlic, thyme and red wine and braise this very slowly for 6-8 hours. We then reduce the stew to intensify the flavours and we add baby pearl onions and bacon lardons to the stew. 

Reheat the stew slowly in a pan and allow to simmer slowly for 3-5 mins. 

4. Joël Robuchon’s Mash potato (250 gr)

Joel Robuchon god rest his soul held the most amount of Michelin stars at any one time. He developed a recipe for mash potatoes that he became famous for whereby he slowly baked the potatoes over rock salt and then pushed them through a sieve whilst still warm. We add a lot of butter and thyme cream to this and season with Maldon salt. 

Put the potato mix in a small pan and heat slowly, mixing constantly until warm. Add a little milk or cream if needed. 

Serve beef stew with potatoes and buttered vegetables. Hamper A 

5. Chicken, leek and mushroom pie (400 gr)

This is an old classic. Again, we marinade the chicken overnight in white wine and herbs. We make a white stew or “blanquette” of chicken and vegetables and add leeks (Cooked in papilotte), pearl onions and button mushrooms. We add a touch of tarragon to this as it’s just so delicious with chicken. Pastry lid on top. 

Bake this at 175C in the oven for approx. 35 mins or until nice golden brown. Serve with a crunchy salad or some buttered vegetables and mash if you still have some left. 

10. Assorted cheeses (goat/blue/camembert)

Pepe my friend from Kommetjie is a 3rd generation goat cheese maker. His goat cheese is just phenomenal and his passion for this is incredible. 

12. Rose scented meringues with berry compote and vanilla mascarpone (6 each)

Dean my pastry chef at test kitchen started as a sculler about 5 years ago. He has worked his way up through the ranks and has shown his true passion in pastry. He normally makes wafer-thin meringue shards to go on a plated dessert. Today he is making rose-scented meringues dusted in pistachios and Iranian dry rose petals. These are quite simply served with a good dollop of vanilla mascarpone and a good spoon of berry compote… That is it. As simple as that… Enjoy!