“Luke Dale-Roberts at the Saxon has been extremely well received, I'm so proud about what we've achieved in a relatively short time. It's an engaging, immersive experience and Joburgers are loving it – and the team and I are having a great time too!”

Luke Dale-Roberts is a name synonymous with the finest, most creative and innovative food in Africa. With a string of awards and consistent international recognition since opening The Test Kitchen in 2010 and The Pot Luck Club in 2011, his position as a force to reckon with on the global food scene is becoming increasingly apparent. Not only was The Test Kitchen placed number 22 in this year’s World’s Top 50 Restaurant Awards and won Best Restaurant in Africa, but 2016 has seen him add new establishments to his portfolio.

After a highly successful pop-up early in 2016, Luke Dale-Roberts at the Saxon opened in Johannesburg permanently, and Dale-Roberts has also collaborated in The Shortmarket Club which has just opened in Cape Town’s city centre. To say the least, 2016 has been a momentous year for this chef.

“I enjoy thinking outside the box and find inspiration in many different things, I never try to imitate but rather put my own interpretation into dishes. My thought process is really an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of scenario.”

Head Chef – Candice Philip

Simply put, the winning pairing of both skill and passion. Head Chef Candice Philip has the ability to conjure up imaginative flavors, making them work within one complete dish. Philips grace and reverence for her craft have seen industry professionals honor her with sought after accolades and Olympic stature.

Earlier in 2016, Chef Philip was honored with a Design Indaba nomination and award for Design Indabas Most Beautiful Object in South Africa. This was the first for a culinary item in the awards, which seeks to acknowledge creativity and innovation in South Africa.

Chef Philip is responsible for upholding the Saxons fine dining offering, and 2016 saw her and Chef Luke Dale-Roberts come together to collaborate in a combined creative space. Philip is focused and maintains a calm demeanor. She was the only female chef selected to compete in the Global Chefs Challenge in 2014, representing Africa and the Middle East.